Telegram Scraper Premium 28.2 Cracked APK 2023 Download

By | April 6, 2023

Telegram Scraper Premium 9.7.1 Cracked APK 2022 Download

Telegram Scraper Premium 28.2 Cracked APK 2023 Download

Telegram Scraper Crack exports members from a competing Telegram group or channel and add them to your own group or channel. Moreover,¬† Telegram Scraper is AI-based software that allows you to get Telegram user IDs from other Telegram groups and import those members into your own Telegram group to create a custom Telegram audience. Instead of targeting large audiences with Telegram’s “normal” targeting options, you can now narrow down your audience and reach only the most relevant Telegram users.

This is 100% secure with Telegram’s terms of service because we use the official 2020 API provided by Telegram. Target your customers more precisely than ever before with our Telegram scraper. Without a niche audience of your own, marketing on Telegram is a complete waste of time and money. Pull super-targeted user IDs from groups on Telegram and you can easily upload them to your group.

Telegram Scraper 2023 Crack Latest Version Download

This is Telegram Scraper Crack, software for scraping Telegram user IDs from other Telegram groups and importing those members into your own Telegram group to create your own Telegram audience. #telegramscraper #telegram #telegrammarketing Scrape and export Telegram user IDs from other groups using the group URL and import them into your group to create a custom group audience for your Telegram marketing campaign. Telegram Scraper 2020 is a great tool to create custom groups audiences for your Telegram marketing campaign. With Telegram Scraper, you can target your Telegram group more than before. Telegram Scraper is a great tool for creating a list of Telegram groups or usernames. You can download a free trial version of Telegram Scraper before purchasing.

Telegram Scraper Features:

Remove users from Telegram public groups:

  • Remove users from channels where the account is the channel administrator.
  • Also, Remove users from private groups where the account is a member of the group.
  • Export scraped users to a CSV file


  • Multiple account support
  • Authentication on Telegram via API credentials
  • Confirm authentication code via Telegram

Add a user

  • Import a list of scraped users from a CSV file and add them to a group/channel
  • Adding users to channels only works for the first 200 users – Telegram limitations
  • Adding configuration settings
  • Define the delay between each add (in milliseconds)
  • Select the maximum number of users that can be added per run.
  • Run as administrator

Telegram Scraper System Requirements:

  • O.S:¬†Windows 8,9,10.

Telegram Scraper 2022 Crack Latest Version Download

How To Download Telegram Scraper Crack?

  1. First, you need to install our website on your computer in a set way.
  2. After that, open the WinZip or WinRAR application and download and install it.
  3. You should be able to use the software without any problems.
  4. Finally, open and run the tool.
  5. Finally, you can use it on your system.

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